MARCH 1st: Guest educators Jo “Boobs” Weldon & Jonny Porkpie

Burlesque Classes with Jo “Boobs” Weldon and Jonny Porkpie
Lili’s School for Wayward Girls is delighted to have our guest instructors Jo “Boobs” Weldon and Jonny Porkpie teaching with us.

Jo “Boobs” Weldon
Head Mistress, The New York School of Burlesque
Author, The Burlesque Handbook

Jonny Porkpie
The Burleque Mayor of New York City

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NOON- 1:30PM Striptease Expertise
Jo “Boobs” Weldon’s Signature Class

You’ll be a better performer after you leave this class! You’ll learn how to make everything from slipping out of a button-down shirt to removing your earrings into a devastating act of theater. We’ll start with what you already know (and you may not even know you know it) and incorporate it into innovative and effective ways to handle any article of clothing. Though not a dance class, there are walking and movement components, so wear shoes in which you would like to perform. We recommend you bring a hoodie that unzips all the way down the front, or if you do not have a hoodie bring a cardigan or button-down shirt to class.

While both dance and theater training are excellent background for burlesque performance, the element of striptease is what makes burlesque unique. If you are looking for a better understanding of how to heat up your numbers, how to best connect to the audience, and how to create reveals that thrill them over and over, explore striptease with a master of the form. Be the performer that people remember!
80 Minutes $40 (lecture/workshop -wear something comfortable)

1:30PM -3PM Pleasure and the art of the Eye-Fuck.
Jo “Boobs” Weldon

Flirt. Seduce. Devastate. Talk dirty with your eyes. Learn how to convey deep sexual confidence through eye contact, body language, and breathing exercises. Discover the power pf being motivated by your own pleasure and joy. This is a playful, erotic, and very penetrating class. Not for the faint of heart! Wear clothes that feel good and in which you can move. You won’t sweat (at least, not in the literal sense), so you can go straight to a date from the class!
80 Minutes $40 (lecture/workshop -wear something comfortable)

3PM – 4:30PM The Boudoir Of Ideas
(Or: “Overcoming Stripper’s Block”)
Jonny Porkpie

Feeling like you don’t have any ideas for your next act? Don’t worry, you do. But they might need a little encouragement to make their way from the dark recesses of your brain to the bright lights of the stage. Or maybe you have the perfect idea, but it’s not quite turning into the perfect number it should be. It can, it just needs a little special attention. Inspiration is lurking just beneath the clothes, strip away the worry and expose the brilliance just waiting to be revealed.
80 Minutes $40 (lecture/workshop)

Water, fruit and nuts will be provided.

Deposit is nonrefundable, but may be used for a future class.

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